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MannaFest Vision


It was around 2005 scrambling around frantically in the walk-in cooler at a busy restaurant that I saw the vision. Grabbing the box of mushrooms I needed on the line up in the kitchen, I suddenly paused, struck by the soothing hum of the cooler fan, and dim relaxing confines of the cooler, the thought hit me in an instant like a vision; “this could be just like a place I could work, growing mushrooms in a controlled environment, never having to enslave myself to the rigors of the ticket machine spitting out endless orders and head chefs screaming impossibe commands...I could grow this very box of fungi.” And then, like a flash, reality swarmed back in as I realized my steaks and chicken breasts were burning upstairs on the grill...But the seed was planted.

The deeper meaning of the Vision is this; I felt for years as a cook that I was selling my soul to an empty money making machine. But, lets go a little deeper into why I felt that way, shall we. Food is a form of sustanance. How its grown, how its handled, even how its thought about effects the end material about to be consumed. This material, this food, is essentially energy condensed into a slow vibration, and like music, it is either in harmony, or disonant. When a chef is cooking your dinner, and he is stressed to the max (which they almost always are) they are not adding pleasing harmonies to the vibrational energy of the food your about to make a PART OF YOUR BODY. And how about the farmer and his crops, or chemically engineered soil, or the environments in which our animals spend their lives? How exactly is the music of that energy forming your future dinner?

Lets now bring it back home to MannaFest, and what all this means in relation to our farm. We really Love our fungi...I mean We Really Love Mushrooms!!! And its my conviction that you can feel that, you will see it, and you will become a bit more harmonious by ingesting a food created in Love. Its simple, but I feel this can change the world, from the inside out.

These mushrooms are medicinal in a multitude of ways, increasing our immune systems, increasing our resistance to cancers, improving our libido, repairing neuronal damage, and increasing oxygen throughout the if that isnt enough, by being grown, handled, and cultivated in a vibrationally charged environment (surrounded in Love) they are basically free of negative vibes! Sounds pretty woo woo, but there it is!

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